Kostenki 13 shouldered point

Flint point/knife, 28-27,000 years old

I Require the model for:

I Require the model for:

Kostënki 13 is a single-layered site excavated by A.N. Rogachev in several phases from the 1950s to the 1970s. The site is typical of the ‘Kostënki-Avdeevo Culture’, with characteristic habitation and storage pits as well as diagnostic artefacts such as shouldered points and Kostënki knives. Kostënki 13 is positioned between the other Kostënki-Avdeevo Culture sites of Kostënki 1 and Kostënki 18 – two sites that we have studied in the course of our research.

This shouldered point from Kostënki 13 is particularly large – in most cases they are much smaller, sometimes only half the size of this one. They would have been hafted to a shaft or handle. Stone tools such as this are commonly thought to have served multiple functions, but it seems likely that their primary function was as a knife.

(Artefact housed at the Institute for the History of Material Culture [Palaeolithic Division], Saint Petersburg.)