Kostenki 1 bladelet core

39-37,000 years old

I Require the model for:

I Require the model for:

Kostënki 1 has a long history of excavation through the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. P.P. Efimenko’s campaigns during the 1920s and 30s unearthed the famous Kostënki-Avdeevo Culture Layer I, as well as a evidence for older archaeological layers. A.N. Rogachev excavated the site periodically from 1938 until 1976, and in 1948 recognised for the first time five archaeological layers. Later excavations by N.D. Praslov (1978-1994) focused mainly on Layer I, while those of M.V. Anikovich (2004-2012) focused instead on the site’s lower layers.

This artefact comes from Rogachev’s excavation of Layer III. It is a bladelet core typical of Aurignacian assemblages found across Europe c.38,000 years ago.