Kostenki 12 retouched blade

32-45,000 years old (age uncertain)

I Require the model for:

I Require the model for:

Kostënki 12 is a large site consisting of several different excavation areas. The most important excavations were those of A.N. Rogachev in the 1950s and early 1960s, which identified four archaeological layers. The lowermost (and therefore oldest) of these is among the oldest archaeological layers at Kostënki. Further important excavations at Kostënki 12 were undertaken by M.V. Anikovich during the 2000s.

This artefact was found by Rogachev during his earlier excavations in his lowermost layer – Layer III. The artefact is typically Upper Palaeolithic, and is therefore particularly important for understanding the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Kostënki. Our recent work indicates that the area of Kostënki 12 from which this artefact came is stratigraphically complex, and this artefact may actually belong to a higher layer.

(Artefact housed at the Institute for the History of Material Culture [Palaeolithic Division], Saint Petersburg.)